Photo Valerie Vaughn

A woman plays with her four dogs in the park across the street
Four white poodles dance around in delight
Within the slowness of fading sunlight.
The naked mountains surround,
A glimpse of the day’s sunset
Softly rest.
A mixture of soft pink hues,
Above brilliant orange and yellow skies.
Children ride their scooters on the cement walkway,
The tires of their scooters
Make a dull thud over the crevices of the cement walkway
As the sound of little voices echoes sunset’s fall.
The neighborhood dogs out for their evening walk,
Their little noses take advantage of the fresh evening air,
As they playfully bounce from side to side
Their last frolics for the night,
Eager to please their master’s command
They walk towards home
To nestle in for the warm, cozy night’s rest.
Cars come and go,
Headlights beam down
Upon the cold, desert ground,
To relinquish the warmth within
Lost to the sunlight’s day.

Poet. Writer. Author. Editor Pick Recipient narratorINTERNATIONAL (2015). Inquiries to

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