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Slumming with Felons: An Inside Look into the Shady Side of the Las Vegas Timeshare Industry

If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas, every hundred feet or so, give or take a few steps, you’ve run into a Greeter promising free shows, free dinners, as well as free gambling money. The hook is to get the unsuspecting individual or couple, through the door with the promise of a good time with at no actual monetary cost to them.

“Targets” (the names of unsuspecting single ladies/couples), which the Greeter will persuade to follow them to come to speak with their OPC (Off Property Consultant) about free shows, dinners, attractions, and free slot play which they may or may not qualify for.

In reality, yes, it’s going to cost them, it’s going to rob them of their precious time. The promise of a 120 minutes presentation, usually turns into a four to a five-hour presentation, involving meetings with sales members trained in high-pressure sales tactics. Once on tour, one will find themselves trapped. Trapped within a time-sensitive timeshare presentation that lasts for hours, only to leave a sour taste until one breaks to purchase time in available space.

Working under the influence in this business is not frowned upon, it’s almost expected. Former felons make the best Greeters and OPCS. As they are all professional liars. Yes, they got caught, but in this industry, it’s their equivalent of a college degree. A majority are alcoholics, chain smokers, drug addicts, drug dealers, and chronic gamblers.

I’ve worked with illiterates, whose penmanship lacked leadership, and with artists who can sketch, yet are the most sketchy characters ever drawn. Crackheads, twitching for their next fix, methamphetamine users disappearing in seek of their next fix. I work in an industry of quick, easy cash, an allure of shady dealings. Any cash under the table is meant with a quick walk to a casino promising more.

I find myself in business for lack of better business elsewhere. To be honest, it’s not a business which I condone. The weekly pay is sweet, with some weeks better than others. Beware as you walk The Las Vegas Strip. For your next few steps may cause you to step into a nightmare better known as timeshare presentation hell.

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