Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Alarm clock screech

ready to bust ass

to keep the little ownership over one’s head.

Feeling trapped inside a game with unlimited play,

truth-less recognition of numb faces

found within half-frown smiles.

A heavy feeling,


as another mundane Monday beings.

Dissipating energy pulling from an empty soul,

a freeze warning effect,

no heat foretold,

driving too far a distance

feels like reverse,

only to high-tail it from work.

Back into a sanctuary

less scary,

unlike the reality of the real world.

Entertainment valueless nest within a restless night’s peace,

as a weary body wrestles the mattress to sleep

from an overpriced shelter dweller;

The natural habitat of times past,

once affordable dreams

now a downsized reality,

trying to find a goodnight

in restfulness sleep.

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